Sunday, November 14, 2010

Jared's Third Birthday

Jared isn't officially three yet (Monday), but we decided to have his Birthday party on Saturday in Jim & Kathie's garage (it was 49 degrees outside). The garage was a safer bet then inside the house because candy, kids and sticks don't mix for inside activities ;-P

Jared's friends Mason, Natalie, Simon and Trenton came over for his party. They played a whole bunch of games, decorated train and cupcake shaped cookies and hit a pinata shaped like a truck. After that everyone had pizza and then a piece of Jared's Thomas and Friends cake.

Jared has been so excited for his birthday party ever since his cousin Caden was out visiting this last summer and he had a birthday party at Popie and Nana's house. Since then he would list out all the things he wanted at his party; cake, ice cream, balloons, and he would name all his cousins that he wanted there too.

Laura did a great job organizing and getting everything together for the party and thanks again to everyone for coming. Jared loved his party and wish everyone could have been there.

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